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Evri is a self-driving display shelf creating a brand new in-store consumer experience by bringing products to people where and when they want it, all powered by predictive software.

Designed for sales

Designed for sales

Evri powerful machine-learning software predicts areas with most foot traffic and automatically drives in areas for maximum sales potential, creating a unique understanding for each store and every merchandise.

In-Store experience like never before

Evri is designed to bring merchandise to the forefront, neatly tucking away technologies like self-driving and robotics. Consumers can stop Evri, interact or pick up merchandise to purchase and Evri continues to move delighting consumers throughout the store.

In-Store experience like never before


Evri is all inclusive retail-as-a-service model, focused on improving sales of impulse purchases simultaneously reducing restocking labor.

Labor Conscious

Evri knows when product is running low and will automatically move to restocking area and sends notification to store associate.


Our flexible shelving design allows for quick switch of merchandise based on themes, promotions or insights derived from our data.

Data Like Never Before

Learn and understand when, where and what customers are purchasing, interacting with products inside the store just like an online store.